Course Schedule - Conferences

Book Academy
( available)
Enjoy this one-day conference designed to give authors and aspiring authors the opportunity to network and learn more about writing and the publishing industry. Onsite registrations will be available the morning of the conference.
Forum on Engaged Reading - For the Love of Reading
( available)
UVU's Forum on Engaged Reading is about sharing the best in books, educational practices, and innovative ideas for countering the 21st Century problem of "alliteracy." Join us as we make a difference - as we engage readers, "For the Love of Reading." For more information, please visit the conference website at Forum on Engaged Reading.
Math Leap Courses
( available)
Are you in Math 1010 or Lower? Why Take a course you could leap over? Math Leap gives you the opportunity to eliminate some of the math courses you need to take. Sign up today and take a big leap over your Math requirements. For more information, check out our FAQ.